Angry Museum is a cross between Angry Birds and Mornings at the Museum (please, look at the Notes info on the main page).


The Pigs see the Dead Sea Scrolls when trying to get the eggs, but when they touch it, it merges with the Bird's eggs to create the Egg Sea Scrolls, which are half paper, half eggs. Then the Pigs are transformed into the Villian Pigs. The Villian Pigs want the Egg Sea Scrolls so they can rule the world and then eat them. Then when the Birds find this out, they dress up and turn into the Hero Birds, who must fight to get the eggs back and save the world and In God We Trust!.

Hero Birds: All the powers are the same as usual.

Thelbird: Red Bird dressed like Thelma.

Amelia Egghart: Yellow Bird dressed like Amelia Earnhart.

General Washingbeak: Green Bird dressed like George Washington.

Wild Bomb Hicock: Black Bird dressed like Wild Bill Hicock.

Albert Eggstein: White Bird dressed like Albert Einstein.

Cave-Birds: The Blues dressed like the Cave Girls.

Smilechwea: Orange Bird dressed like Sacajewea.

Moanses: Tenerace dressed like Moses.

General Cruster: Ice Bird dressed like General Custer.

Soldiers: The Blues dressed like the Soldiers of Iwo Jima.

Dr.Eagle: The Mighty Eagle dressed like Dr.Jones/Indiana Jones.

Villian Pigs

Cleopigtra: King Pig dressed like Cleopatra.

Henchpig: Small Pig dressed like Cleopatras Henchman.

Hapig: Mustache Pig dressed like Hapu.

Al Capork: Medium Pig dressed like Al Capone.

Queen Hamy: Medium Pig dressed like Queen Mary.

Genghis Kham: Helmet Pig dressed like Genghis Khan.

Ivana the Hogable: Large Pig dressed like Ivana the Terrible.

Marie Hamttonie: A Large Pig dressed like Marie Anttonie.

Fiendswap: Small Pig dressed like Friendsawp.


Day 1/ Wild West

Day 2/Caveman Chaos

Day 3/Scroll Room Rush

Day 4/ Amelia's Capture

Day 5/ The Rescue