Angry Monsters is a new Angry Birds spin-off game to release Halloween 2012.

Angry Monsters will start as a update to the Angry Birds Seasons Ham O Ween levels, bringing 9 new levels. Then Angry Monsters will release as a game on it's own, with entire 2 episodes, the 9 levels included. The monsters vaguely resemble Birds and Pigs. The King Pig and the Blue Birds are the only Birds/Pigs in the game.

Monsters/Bird: These Monsters are discovered by the Blues. They resemble the Birds. Only Red Monster, Orange Glint, Duel Heads, and Minion Maker appear in the Ham O Ween update.

Red Monster: Screams a shockwave

Duel Heads: Double teams into 2 monsters

Minion Maker: Spawns tiny versions of itself onto the structure.

Squidster: Speeds up.

Orange Glint: Attacks from above when the Orange Ball is launched.

Likes-To-Explode: Blows up like a kamikaze.

Giant: a bigger, stronger version of Red Monster.

Flip Coin: Like the Green Bird. Is green on one side and orange on the other.

Mighty Octopi: A in-app purchase for 2.99. Destroys any Pig Monster and the structure.

Blue Birds: Same power as always.




Pig Monsters: Monsters enslaved and mutated slightly by King Pig into the form of Pigs.

King Pig

Monster Pig King

Mustache Pig Monster

Big Pig Monster

Small Pig Monster

Giant Helmet Pig Monster




Haunted Forest: 15 levels

Expanding Battle: 15 levels

Upcoming unnamed episode: 15, possibly 30 levels