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Angry Birds Rio is a open-world, action adventure puzzle game and sequel to Angry Birds Rio. The game launched on Xbox 360, moblie devices, and PC and Mac Christmas 2012. It was made by a ultimate teamup of Rovio, 20th Century Fox, and Warner Bros. Games.


The Birds and Pigs come to Rio once again to find that Nigel and his Marmosets have retaliated, seeking Blu and Jewel once again. Only the Birds can save them now!

Hub: Rio de Janerio

This game differs from others that it has a open-world Hub. You play as one of the Birds, and you can choose your Birds in a character menu. You can find hidden Golden Eggs, Goldon Fruit, Hidden Characters, and Bonus Levels.


Episodes are found all over Rio, you can get there with slingshots mounted on buildings. Each episode area has 15 levels, where you fight Pigs and Marmosets. You can play as Pigs by battling them in a secret level, and then they are avalable to buy. You need fruit all over the city to get them.

Hidden Stuff

Golden Eggs and Fruit are all over. They can unlock hidden characters, levels, and bonuses.

List of Characters

Start Charcters

Red Bird

Blue Birds

Yellow Bird

Black Bird

Unlockable Characters



BigBrother Bird

Orange Bird

Green Bird

White Bird

Helmet Pig

Mustache Pig

King Pig

Big Pig

Hidden/Secret Characters







Green Lantern Blu

Green Lantern Bird (from Wrath of the Pigs)