Angry Birds Duo is one of the first multiplayer Angry Birds games, and will be released August 5, 2013.


Their are two slingshots with two lines of birds, one bird paired with another, tap to activate their powers, but if both players tap at the same time, the birds will perform a special power that decimates Pigs.


Red Bird: Screams.

Blue Birds: split into three.

Yellow Bird: Speeds up

Black Bird: Explodes

Green Bird:Boomerang

White Bird:Explode Egg

Orange Bird:Inflates

Big Brother Bird:Screams


All Pigs in Angry Birds: Wrath of the Pigs except for Giga Pig

Bird Combinations

Red + Blue

Red + Yellow

Red +Green

Black + YELLOW

Black + Red



Poached Eggs (30 levels, 2 themes)

Mighty Hoax (50 levels, 4 themes)