Angry Birds Beyond is a upcoming animated series to be released spring 2013.


It is the year 2112, 100 to 900 years after all Angry Birds games and fiction. The Birds and the Flock are now a massive growing species, having conlonzed few planets and the Angry Bird island has been turned into a massive megalopolis called Neo-Birdtroplis. meanwhile, the Pigs have colonezed the Pig Bang, having been exlied from Neo-Birdtropolis. They created a military, a government, even a new ruler, the Mustache Pig, as the King Pig died years ago. When the Pigs define martial law and steal all of the Birds eggs, the original Flock is to old and weak to fight them. Red Bird (the original) gets out a Birdsuit and tries to get the eggs back, but fails. He decides that he won't continue his role as Flock member, and says never again. He recruits a team of the Flocks children and decendants, to go on as the new Flock. The new Red Bird declares Angry Birds forever!" as he and his gang go out. The Pigs plan to use the eggs to power a beam that will bring every Pig to Earth, so they can destroy the Birds and take over. the Birds stop this, through the help of Ice Birds son, a offworlder.

The Pigs saw a defeat, and prepare to revive King Pig, so that he can rule their new kingdom. The Birds are to late, and King Pig is brought back, seeking revenge and redemption. This leads to season 2.....