Angry Birds: Wrath of the Pigs is a video game of Angry Birds to be released July 13, 2013 by Rovio and Warner Bros. Enertainment, and part of the Rovio/WB teamup.


The Birds must stand against the Pigs and their new weapon: The GIGA PIG! The Flock is joined by old and new friends, and the Pigs are met with new enemies as well!


Red Bird: Screams

Big Brother Bird: Moans

Blue Bird: Splits into three birds

Yellow Bird: Speeds up

Black Bird: Explodes

White Bird: Lays a egg-bomb

Green Bird: Acts like a boomerang

Orange Bird: Inflates

Smash Bird: Braks through many types of blocks

Egg-Layer Bird: Lays a giant atomic egg

Flash Bird: Speeds up wildly

Alien Bird: Moans

Green Lantern Bird: Unlocked by getting a Green Egg in a bonus level, Speeds up and creates a construct

Blu: same power as in Angry Birds Rio.


King Pig

Helmet Pig

Small, Medium, and Large Pigs

Mustache Pig

Giga Pig

Robo Pig

Pink Pig

Armor Pig

Pigs AngryBirds

Some of the pigs in the game


Big Trouble

A Friend Arrives

Pig Suprize

Pinke Fever