Angry Birds Vengance of the Pigs is the sequel to Angry Birds: Wrath of the Pigs, and it's made by Rovio, WB Games, Fox Digital Entertainment, and animated by Bunko Studios.


The Pigs are at it again, and this time they have teamed up with Nigel and captured Jewel, along with new Pigs. The Birds join their old and new birds and friends and get readied to fight the Pigs once again.


Red Bird


Yellow Bird

Black Bird

White Bird

Green Bird


Orange Bird



Green Lantern Bird

Dry Ice Bird: New, turns into toxic gas when he hits Water.

Drill Bird: New: Drills into Blocks and Pigs.

Atomic Bird: New, turns into a atomic KABOOM!

Egg-Shoot Bird: New, shoots eggs that are aimable.

Crash Bird: New: Destroys all block types.


King Pig: Boss

Mustache Pig

Small Pig

Medium Pig

Large Pig

Helmet Pig

Nigel: Boss

Water Pig

Armor Pig

Staring Pig

Giant King Pig: Boss


Episode Levels

Pig Wig: 30

Shady's Warehouse: 30

Danger Zone: 30

Waterhogs: 30

Golden Eggs: 10