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Angry Birds Redux is a new Angry Birds game set to release June 31, 2012. It features new birds, new Pigs, and new structures to smash, and new powers to master!


Black Bird: Speeds up and splits into three

Toucan Bird: When he touches Pig bricks, he makes a eletric explosion.

Big Blue Bird: Moans and smashes through blocks with ease

Cardinal Bird: Screams Ca-Ca!"' and Flips into structures.

Chicken Bird: Flys over a structure and drops a egg-bomb

Big Yellow Bird: When launched, he flips backwards when he's past the pig structure.

Greenie Bird: Speeds up and flips backwards.


Power Pig


Helmet Pig

Mustache Pig

King Pig


The Birds are carefuly watching over their eggs, until a mosqutio lands on it. The Birds kill it, as the pink Pigs graze grass. Then the King Pig sees the eggs, and he drives crazy for them! As the Birds fininsh the kill, they see their eggs GONE. They see the Pigs, and they are driven off the deep end!


Poached Eggs

Mighty Hoax

Danger Above

The Big Setup