Angry Birds: Evil is Good is a upcoming game by Rovio and Warner Bros. Entertainment.

PLOT The game explores a evil group of Angry Birds, as the Good Piggies are trying to protect the eggs, while the birds want to steal them. The Levels are Chinese oriented, and the piggies are full body instead of a ball like creature.

Evil Birds

Grenade Bird: evil Black Bird. Explodes.
IMG 0259

A pIg.

Pink Bird: evil Blue Bird. Splits into five birds.

Square Bird: evil Red Bird. Has no power.

Speed Bird: evil Yellow Bird. Speeds up.

Egg Bird: evil White Bird. Drops a egg that splatters on pigs.

Good Piggies







The Pig Big Start!: 15 levels

Hog Ride: 15 levels

The Castle of Nails: 20 levels

Eggy Fools: 20 levels

Dangerous Japan: 30 levels

Danger Zone: 30 levels Games Fan Games

Evil Angry Birds Saga