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Angry Birds Dog Invasion is a upcoming game to release August 5, 2012 by Rovio and Warner Bros. Games. It will be followed by Angry Birds: Alien Invasion in December.


Dogs have come to the Bird's land. The Pigs have gone away, and the Birds must stand to a threat even WORSE than the Pigs!


Red Bird: Basic. R3DB1RD0

Blue Bird: Basic. splits in three.

Yellow Bird: Medium.Speeds up.

Black Bird: Powerful. Explodes.

White Bird: Large. Drops a bomb disguised as a egg.

Orange Bird:Large. Inflates and Deflates.

Big Brother Bird: Powerful. Moans.

Brown Bird: Bounces objects at enemies.


Commander Dog: Powerful. (A) Golden Retriver(s) and leader(s) of the Dogs.

Soldier Dog: Basic: Dogs who launch softballs at Birds.

Flying Dog: Large: Drops bombs at Birds.

Ground Dog: Basic. Dogs in lobster costumes who launch hard balls at Birds.


Unlike the pigs, the Dogs attack you, and you must be quick to launch your Birds and defeat them. Brick forts are still present, but the Dogs, like Ground Dogs, can exit the fort to attack, and Flying Dogs are above the structure. The Brown Bird is good against Flying Dogs, it can bounce it's bomb back to the dog or the structure, giving you a advantage. Yellow and Black Birds are good against Ground and Soldier Dogs, but they can be shot. The Soldier Dog is weaker when refilling it's turrent, use any bird to get it. The Commander Dog boss has him inside a tent inside a stone and ice fortress, use Yellow, Black, and Blue birds to reveal the tent. Then, use any bird to destroy the tent, and the Commander Dog is good to finish off.


A Pig Probelm (30 levels)

Dogs Call (30 levels)

Barking Orders (30 levels)

Command Crisis (35 levels)