Angry Birds: Century is the revealed history of the Birds and Pigs a century ago.

Bird Tribes: These tribes formed in the year 102 BC.

Uky-Ka-m: A bird tribe who relied on agriculture and were peaceful. Inhabidants:

None known.

Berk-Fra-Khan: A military empire that relied on weapons and warfare to conquer their enemies. Known birds:

Bru-Ta-cus: A black bird and general of the army.

Tar-Cas-U: A yellow bird and a foot soldier.

Ras-Y-U: A yellow bird and Tar-Cas-U's brother.

Stri-Yas-Casiu: A red bird and commander of the army

Gare-A-Khan: Uruk-hai's nation of birth, and this tribe fell 213 BC.

Uruk-hai: The main and last surviving member of this tribe. Dons the identitiy of the Wolf Bird.

U-hai: Uruk-Hai's mother.

Yuri-hai: Uruk-Hai's father.

Fus-shi-chan: Miltary commander of the tribe's military.

Uru-Hun-Kha: the tribes governer.

Sha-run-Ka: The tribe that put Migh-tu-Gle as a spy on the Druids of Warthog.

Migh-tu-Gle: The young Mighty Eagle and spy on the Druids of Warthog.

Pig Empires: The ruthless Pig empires that existed at the same time as the Bird tribes.

Pig-eee Empire

The pig's ansectors and the friends of the Druids of Warthog.

The King: Ruler of the empire

Pig Soldiers: The main troops.

Druids of Warthog