Angry Birds: Attack on the 80's is a platform 3D action beat'em'up game, and a crossover between Angry Birds and Super 80's the Mad sketch. It will be released on DS, 3DS, Wii, and Wii U. It was developed by WB Games and created by Nintendo and Rovio.


As the Birds, Alle, Martain, Charles, Cary, and Joseph (from the Super 8 movie) and J.J Abrams are making the Super 8 movie, a train crashes into them, as then 80's characters pop out. The Birds battle some of them as they go downtown. the Levels:

1. Filming Accident

In the Rubik's Cubes, the Birds seek out Charle's camera, as Murfs (Smurf parodys) and Ugly Looking Karate Tortosies (TMNT parodies) attack them. The Birds hold out and find the camera. Then, they battle the 2 bosses:


Grandpa Murf:

2. W.I.P

3. W.I.P