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Angry Birds: A New Generation is a new game and animated series expected to release Feburary 31, 2013. Coming Soon


A new Flock of Birds rises as the Pigs turn into a more serious threat to the original Flock, as these birds are destined to protect the eggs from evil. Based of the live-action short/movie/parody of the same name.


Firebird: Yellow Bird's reletive and the polar opposte of the Ice Bird. His power is flaming a pig fortress.

Lightning Bird: Bomb Birds Reletive. He says he don't need a slingshot because he can fly. Anyway, his power is to create a thunderbolt.

Spinner Bird: A bird with a get-r-done attitude. His power is to cut throgh blocks and pigs.

Cluster Bird: A bird with his own minions. His power is to spawn his minions all over the pig fortress.

Opera Bird: Her power is to shatter bricks and pigs with her song.


same as in other games.


Smashed Pigs


Major Problem

Animated Series

It has been announced that a animated series of the game may air in the future on Cartoon Network. The release date is April 12, 2013.